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Hey…. Wow..official_kings_kir ……
This blog is created to get You .motivated inspired and also relating life stories to help situation of a complicated life



You can only build your dream from the ground up,
and no other way,
put the foundation on a solid rock,
quit trying to build a castle in the air,
start from the very beginning,
think big but embrace the small beginning,
every step matters,
run not until you have mastered the walking

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My dignity, my pride

Dignity and integrity  is mistaken for  pride

   …be wise…make friends to know what they think about you  ….mingle right, tangle left, clear out your brain and play smart….

        A doubt…. Friends help a lot to making it in life  ..but they are also loads of betrayal,  Trait…..put your faith  in many but trust nobody

Nothing is hidden unless it’s a treasure… And nothing is found except it’s a secret